Juegos Ps3
Juegos originales Ps3 (usados)!!\n\nAssassins Creed 1 $8.000\nAssassins Creed Revelations $8.000\nBioshock 2 $8.000\nBattlefield Bad Company 2 -VENDIDO-\nBattlefield 3 -VENDIDO-\nBattlefield 4 $10.000\nCall of Duty Advanced Warfare $13.000\nCall of Duty Black Ops $10.000\nCall of Duty Black Ops 2 $12.000\nCall of Duty Black Ops 3 $15.000\nCall of Duty Modern Warfare $10.000\nDeadpool $15.000\nDead Rising 2 $8.000 \nDevil May Cry 4 $8.000\nEnslaved $10.000\nFIFA 15 $7.000\nFórmula 1 2010 $10.000 \nGhost Recon Future Soldier $8.000\nGow Ascensión $10.000 \nGow Collection $8.000\nGta IV $10.000\nGta V $15.000\nHeavy Rain $10.000\nInjustice Ultímate Edition $12.000\nJak and Daxter collection $10.000\nJust Dance 2016 $12.000\nKillzone 2 $8.000\nKillzone 3 $8.000\nLego Lego Movie Videogame $12.000\nLord of the rings; Conquest $8.000\nMedal Of Honor; Warfighter $10.000\nMetal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes $8.000\nMinecraft $10.000\nMortal Kombat Komplete Edition $12.000\nNaruto Ultímate Ninja Storm 3 $13.000 \nNBA 2k12 $5.000\nNBA 2k15 $ 7.000\nNBA 2k17 $15.000\nPayDay 2 $12.000\nPes 13 $5.000\nPes 14 $5.000\nPrototype 2 $10.000\nRatchet & Clank: All 4 one $10.000\nResident Evil 6 $10.000\nResistance $8.000\nResistance 2 $8.000\nResistance 3 $8.000\nSaw 2 $12.000\nSilent Hill Homecoming $10.000\nThe Golden Compass $8.000 \nThe Last of Us $10.000\nThe Walking Dead $10.000\nTomb Raider Underworld $8.000\nUncharted 2 $8.000\nUncharted 3 $8.000\nWatchdogs $10.000\nWWE Smack Down vs Raw 2009 $10.000\nWWE 2k15 $10.000\nWWE 2k16 $13.000\n\nRecibo juegos en parte de pago !!!\n\nEntrego hoy (viernes) a las 13:30 hrs. en metro Santa Lucía.
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