Juegos play 3
Juegos play 3:\n\nVendo Juegos play 3:\n- Destiny $20.000\n- W 2k 16 $10.000\n- Grand theft auto IV $10.000\n- Grand theft auto V $15.000\n- Everybody dance $5.000\n- Call of duty modern warfare 3 $10.000\n- Call of duty black ops II $10.000\n- Call of duty ghosts $5.000\n- Call of duty advance warfare $10.000\n- Metal gear solid V $20.000\n- Need for speed Shift $10.000\n- Need for speed most wanted $15.000\n- Dark souls II $10.000.-\n- Ratchet & clanck all 4 one $10.000\n- Medieval moves $5.000\n- Sport champions $5.000\n- Skate 3 $10.000\n\nCelular WhatsApp +56949815428\n\nWhatsApp +56949815428
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