Música CD
Venta de CD's originales y en buen estado.\nCada uno a $4.000\nLas entregas son en metros línea 1 o 5.\n\nParamore, Riot.\nParamore, Brand new eyes.\nSimple Plan, Still not getting any.\nMgmt, Congratulations.\nRem, Reveal.\nRem, Out of time.\nThe Strokes, Is this it.\nFranz Ferdinand, You could have it so much better.\nNelly Furtado, Whoa Nelly.\nAvril Lavigne, The best damn thing.\nThe Veronicas, Hook me up.\nLa oreja de Van Gogh, Lo que te conté mientras te hacías la dormida.\nRicky Martin, Ricky Martin.\nFive, Invincible.\nSafri Duo, 3.0.\nSoundtrack Twilight.\nSoundtrack New moon.\nSoundtrack Scary movie
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