Pandora Box 4 HD Original
Pandora's Box Version 4 (645-in-1)\n\n(Horizontal)\n\nMultigame JAMMA PCB\n\nThe 4th brand new release and upgraded from the well designed 3rd version. This truly is an amazing 645-in-1 Multigame JAMMA PCB. Not just because of 645 games on a single JAMMA PC Board platform, but they all play well too! Plus not to mention it is loaded with really great games with no hard drive to fail!\n\nFeatures:\n\nUniversal JAMMA connector\n\nUser Friendly Game Selection Screen\n\nQuarter/Token Option (For Free Play a credit switch is needed)\n\nSupports only VGA (high resolution) Monitors\n\nStandard JAMMA video output or VGA output (Auto output detection)\n\nExternal Volume Adjustment Control\n\nItem Requirements:\n\n1 Joystick/6 Buttons\n\n2 Joysticks/6 Buttons (OPTIMAL)\n\nRequires a HORIZONTAL display or a standard PC VGA monitor.\n\nWhatsapp +56983830244
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