Amplificador a Tubos Hi End real clase A FINALE
Exquisito amplificador Hi End marca Finale F 138 Audio de Triode Labs Canada, sonido neutro pero extremadamente detallado, construido con componentes de grado audiofilo.\n\nCaracterísticas principales :\n\n*Class A.\n*5W + 5W Autobias (Max 5.7W).\n*Single Ended Pentode / Powered by EL84/6BQ5/7189.\n*Driven by 12AX7/ECC83 Our all time favourite pre-amp / driver tube.\n*Tube rectified by GZ34 (5AR4) Complete hand-constructed power supply stage.\n*0-4-8 Ohms Speakers Out.\n\nParts Highlights:\n\n*Tomiko Kyushu (Japan) Output Transformers.\n*Mundorf Germany Audiophiler ZN & Nichicon Japan Film Coupling Caps.\n*Hammond Canada Universal Power Transformer (CSA/SA Compliance, Universal primary with taps for 100, 120, 220 or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz).\n*Hammond High Quality Over-sized Choke\n*High quality RCA Inputs\n*High quality plastic binding post 0-4-8 Ohm Speaker Out.\n*High quality gold pins ceramic socket.\n*High quality copper wires for signal path.\n*Finished in high quality Matte Black.\n*Lots of upgrades!.\n\nLas fotografías referenciales son idénticas al ofertado que se encuentra en la segunda foto.
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